Absolute Science, Inc.

A Contract Science Company


Absolute Science, Inc. is dedicated to helping you streamline your research efforts. We offer a variety of contract services including, synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, combinatorial chemistry and assay development. Contact us or fill in the quote form and let us show you how we can help.



Synthetic Chemistry

We have experience in total synthesis and natural products chemistry. We can work on milligram to 100's of grams quantities, and are dedicated to helping you with all of your synthetic needs.


   Scale up of Starting Materials or Intermediates

   Scale up of Scaffolds for CombiChem

   Optimization of your Chemistries






Medicinal Chemistry

Our CSO, Dr. S. T. Moe, has a proven track record of developing lead structures into clinical candidates, sucessfully moving five separate lead compounds into the clinic.  His expertise and intuition in medicinal chemistry provides our clients with a competitive advantage in the drug development arena.

We are capable of designing receptor agonists and antagonists as well as enzyme inhibitors and substrates. We can help you generate your lead structures or optimize the compounds you have. We will help develop the tools you need to study your proprietary enzyme - from development of a fluorgenic substrate to the synthesis of a standard inhibitor.


   AMC, nitroanilides and other fluorgenic substrates

   Peptidyl aldehydes and Halomethylketones









Combinatorial Chemistry


Absolute Science can design and synthesize Combinatorial Libraries for your lead identification. We have experience in both solution phase and solid phase synthesis. We can develop libraries based upon your target or based upon a known lead compound.








Assay Development


We are experienced with most of the major automatons and workstations, allowing as to automate your assays for high throughput screening (HTS). We can also help in the design and set-up of your database needs for data storage and data mining.






Request for Quote


For many of your needs, we can provide you with a quotation from the comfort of your desktop! For those materials which do not require a signed Confidentiality Agreement, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.






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*: Most chemical drawing software allow you to save your structures as SMILES strings. Simply "Cut & Paste" the string into the box above. 

For more complicated structures or if you do not have access to your SMILES string please FAX us at 781.676.0010 or give us a call at 781.676.0010